International 14ft Skiff Association of Western Australia

Tired of sailing the same old one design class?
Sick of looking around and seeing nothing but fluoro orange or yellow with no real distinction between boats? Want to scream across the water at Mach 10 with your hair on fire? Then International 14's are for you!
The International Fourteen is one of the world's premier sailing classes. It is a two-person, two trapeze skiff, with an unlimited area asymmetric spinnaker and 200 square feet of combined mainsail and headsail area. Carbon hulls and carbon rigs, now generally with square-head mainsails, give exceptional performance. The International Fourteen is for sailors looking for a fast, challenging boat in which they can develop their own ideas while sailing in the company of a group of like-minded, open and welcoming competitors.
Fourteens have been around for ages, but unlike some classes that have been around since the 1800's, the fourteens are constantly pushing the edge of design & technology. They've been using carbon rigs & rudder foils for years now, and they give the boat amazing performance both upwind & under spinnaker. Their sleek rig design enables the fourteens to punch well above their weight when it comes to speed versus sail area. There's no restriction to what colours your sails are so you have the option to make your boat look any way you want.
The WA I14 fleet itself boast some of the best sailors in the country and the world with everything from dual National Champions, National Champions and Top Ten World rated sailors all racing on a regular basis. The fleet also consists of top sailors & champions from other classes who have stepped up to challenge their boat handling skills & themselves against some of the best in the business. It's not all about the serious side though, there are plenty of guys racing 14's just coz they're damn good fun.
If you're not thinking of going to the Olympics and you want to roll up to work with a grin on your face that even the boss cant wipe off completely, then get yourself into an International 14 and remind yourself what its like to feel alive again!

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