Perth Dinghy Sailing Club

28th December 2016 - 6th January 2017



Final Result for INT. 14 SKIFF i14 2016_2017 National Championship
after 7 races with 6 races to count


Pos'nBoat NoBoat NameSkipper/CrewTotalNett30/12/1631/12/1602/01/1703/01/1704/01/1705/01/1706/01/17
1AUS 661Del Boca VistaBrad Devine/Ian Furlong13101( 1)2( 2)1( 1)3( 3)[ 3]( 3)1( 1)2( 2)
2AUS 656Too Late To Stop NowMark Kristic/James Lanati43163( 3)1( 1)[ 27](DNF)4( 4)2( 2)5( 5)1( 1)
3AUS 657Do You Get It YetRoger Blasse/Andrew Gilligan34257( 7)[ 9]( 9)2( 2)6( 6)4( 4)3( 3)3( 3)
4AUS 663Ronstan/Irwin SailsLindsay Irwin/Cameron McDonald53262( 2)[ 27](DNF)8( 8)5( 5)5( 5)2( 2)4( 4)
5AUS 659Wembley PlumbingStuart Sloss/Eike Ehrig5629[ 27](DNF)3( 3)3( 3)1( 1)7( 7)10( 10)5( 5)
6AUS 649Givin It Some GruntGreg Coutts/Brodie Coutts63366( 6)6( 6)7( 7)2( 2)8( 8)7( 7)[ 27](DNF)
7AUS 666El DiabloDavid Hayter/Tom de la Perrelle6538[ 27](DNF)12( 12)5( 5)7( 7)1( 1)4( 4)9( 9)
8AUS 645The Jolly CodgerDavid Bramley/Steve Walters7851[ 27](DNF)7( 7)4( 4)15( 15)6( 6)6( 6)13( 13)
9AUS 644Ron JeremyChris. Vaughan/Matt Balmer8154[ 27](DNF)8( 8)11( 11)8( 8)12( 12)8( 8)7( 7)
10AUS 637Devine InterventionGraeme Everett/Andrew Wilson8255[ 27](DNF)4( 4)6( 6)9( 9)17( 17)13( 13)6( 6)
11AUS 673ZeroSean Carr/Scott Cole78658( 8)13( 13)13( 13)10( 10)[ 13]( 13)11( 11)10( 10)
12AUS 639ReactorIan Arber/Drew Farrar84674( 4)11( 11)17( 17)12( 12)11( 11)[ 17]( 17)12( 12)
13AUS 670StealthDavid Lugg/Phillip Vance100805( 5)15( 15)15( 15)14( 14)20( 20)[ 20]( 20)11( 11)
14AUS 662Carbon Comet IILuke Devine/Ben Powell1128527(DNF)5( 5)9( 9)16( 16)14( 14)14( 14)[ 27](DNF)
15AUS 647QuickshiftCameron Elliot/Sam Batt1128527(DNF)[ 27](DNF)10( 10)19( 19)9( 9)12( 12)8( 8)
16AUS 631VenturaStephen Vance/Blake Vance11891[ 27](DNF)16( 16)12( 12)13( 13)21( 21)15( 15)14( 14)
17AUS 6383 SheetsBen Strong/Daniel Moore11992[ 27](DNF)14( 14)14( 14)17( 17)16( 16)16( 16)15( 15)
18AUS 676The JokerAnthony Anderson/John Holmes1219427(DNF)10( 10)27(DNF)11( 11)10( 10)9( 9)[ 27](DNF)
19AUS 655Lupulin ShiftDane Stead/Scott Johnson130103[ 27](DNF)19( 19)16( 16)18( 18)15( 15)18( 18)17( 17)
20AUS 626SnatchCourtney Mahar/Elliot Mahar139112[ 27](DNF)17( 17)19( 19)20( 20)19( 19)21( 21)16( 16)
21AUS 654Shark BaitTim Vance/Greg Vance15612927(DNF)18( 18)18( 18)21( 21)22( 22)23( 23)[ 27](DNF)
22AUS 608Low ProfileJustin Walford/Jye Dvorak16513827(DNS)27(DNF)20( 20)27(DNC)18( 18)19( 19)[ 27](DNS)
23AUS 609Death WishMarcel Bucek/Scott Curtis16513827(DNF)27(DNF)21( 21)[ 27](DNF)23( 23)22( 22)18( 18)
24AUS 667PTGPhillip Tomamichel/Geoffrey Tomamichel17414727(DNS)27(DNF)22( 22)22( 22)25( 25)24( 24)[ 27](DNS)
25AUS 675Black BettyDavid McGeoch/Bridget McGeoch18215527(DNF)27(DNF)27(DNF)23( 23)24( 24)27(DNF)[ 27](DNF)
26AUS 642Between The LinesEdward Cox/Greg Dixon18916227(DNF)27(DNC)27(DNC)27(DNC)27(DNC)27(DNC)[ 27](DNS)



Heat 7 - 06/01/2017


Well, that’s a wrap folks!


Heat 7 was done and dusted on Saturday, with the conditions reaching 18 knots as forecast from the West South West.


We started on time at 12 pm, with yet another neutral start line. Most boats opted for a mid-line start, with the fleet splitting due to the Westerly shifts. As with the past three races, it was very hard to pick which side of the course was favoured on the first work. Roger Blasse and Andrew Gilligan on Do You Get it Yet were looking famous for the first part of the race, but Mark Kristic and James Lanati on Too Late to Stop Now mowed them down and took control of the race right up to the end. As you may have seen in some of the pics from the last downwind when the breeze picked up, Mark and James had the luxury of taking the cautious option to one-wire, which was a clear indication there wasn’t anyone within reaching distance to challenge them for the win…


Roger and Gilligan were running second for the last half of the race with Brad Devine and Ian Furlong on Del Boca Vista managing to fight their way past Lindsay Irwin and Cam McDonald on Ronstan-Irwin Sails to be hot on their heels to the finish line. After reviewing the photos, it was a very close call but the Del Boca Vista boys managed to poke their nose just out in front to finish off second. Roger and Gilligan were third.


The overall series podium standings were as follows:

First - Del Boca Vista (Western Australia) - Brad Devine and Ian Furlong

Second - Too Late to Stop Now (Victoria) – Mark Kristic and James Lanati

Third - Do You Get it Yet (Victoria) – Roger Blasse and Andrew Gilligan


The overall consistency trophy went to Zero (11th overall), which was skippered by Sean Carr and crewed by Scott Cole (yours truly!). Proving that “14s are forever” and constantly attracting new talent of all ages - Sean was the youngest sailor of the series at 23 yrs of age, had only sailed an i14 less than a handful of times prior to the Championship and weighs less than 60kgs (130 pounds)… Anyone considering coming to Perth for the 2020 worlds, this place is about speed in manageable conditions for skippers and crews of all ages, size and experience.


A special mention must be made for the outstanding work performed by Kevin Wilson (RO), the race committee and volunteers at the Perth Dinghy Sailing Club. This was an extremely well run event, with the experience and commitment by all involved being evident through the great racing we had. The decision to bring racing forward following the unprecedented and unexpected first day blow-out, allowed the RO to control when the race would start so that optimal conditions could be experienced by the sailors.


Wishing all competitors and spectators safe travels home and a big thank you for attending the City of Perth 101st i14 Australian Championships.




Boat NoBoat NameSkipperH'capElapsed TimeCorrected TimeOver LineOn H'capFinish CodeMinutes Off
AUS 656Too Late To Stop NowM.Kristic-J.Lanati1.00001:12:101:12:1011FIN0:00
AUS 661Del Boca VistaB.Devine-I.Furlong1.00001:15:301:15:30210FIN3:20
AUS 657Do You Get It YetR.Blasse-A.Gilligan.97001:15:311:13:1533FIN1:05
AUS 663Ronstan/Irwin SailsL.Irwin-C.McDonald.98301:15:441:14:2748FIN2:17
AUS 659Wembley PlumbingS.Sloss-E.Ehrig.99361:15:511:15:2259FIN3:12
AUS 637Devine InterventionG.Everett-A.Wilson.98511:17:421:16:33614FIN4:23
AUS 644Ron JeremyC. Vaughan-M.Balmer.95001:17:531:13:5977FIN1:49
AUS 647QuickshiftC.Elliot-S.Batt.93001:17:561:12:2982FIN0:19
AUS 666El DiabloD.Hayter-T.de la Perrelle1.00001:19:261:19:26916FIN7:16
AUS 673ZeroS.Carr-S.Cole.90001:21:441:13:34105FIN1:24
AUS 670StealthD.Lugg-P.Vance.90001:22:061:13:53116FIN1:43
AUS 639ReactorI.Arber-D.Farrar.92001:22:451:16:081212FIN3:58
AUS 645The Jolly CodgerD.Bramley-S.Walters.94691:23:211:18:551315FIN6:45
AUS 631VenturaS.Vance-B.Vance.91001:23:321:16:011411FIN3:51
AUS 6383 SheetsB.Strong-D.Moore.90001:24:591:16:291513FIN4:19
AUS 626SnatchC.Mahar-E.Mahar.85551:25:521:13:28164FIN1:18
AUS 655Lupulin ShiftD.Stead-S.Johnson.87001:33:311:21:221717FIN9:12
AUS 609Death WishM.Bucek-S.Curtis.88001:48:081:35:091818FIN22:59
AUS 662Carbon Comet IIL.Devine-B.Powell.96890:00:000:00:0019=19=DNF0:00
AUS 676The JokerA.Anderson-J.Holmes.94000:00:000:00:0019=19=DNF0:00
AUS 654Shark BaitT.Vance-G.Vance.85500:00:000:00:0019=19=DNF0:00
AUS 642Between The LinesE.Cox-G.Dixon.85550:00:000:00:0019=19=DNS0:00
AUS 608Low ProfileJ.Walford-J.Dvorak.85550:00:000:00:0019=19=DNS0:00
AUS 649Givin It Some GruntG.Coutts-B.Coutts.95000:00:000:00:0019=19=DNC0:00
AUS 675Black BettyD.McGeoch-B.McGeoch.83000:00:000:00:0019=19=DNF0:00
AUS 667PTGP.Tomamichel-G.Tomamichel.83000:00:000:00:0019=19=DNS0:00


Heat 6 - 05/01/2017


I'm having issues accessing the results at this time. Please refer to the results in the above "Progressive Results" table. Meanwhile, please enjoy the race report.




The boys have won the title back!


With one more race still remaining, Brad Devine and Ian Furlong on Del Boca Vista sealed the deal today… Congratulations to BD and Footy for winning the 2016 Australian Championships.


Nonetheless, it’s going to be a big one tomorrow – There are still several boats contending for a place on the podium, so I’m sure there will be lots of people resting up tonight. As with Heat 5, today was once again sailed in a Westerly breeze. It didn’t blow its guts out, but there was certainly more than a mere zephyr at times… I believe the reading tipped at 17 knots but was more relaxed for the majority of the race. The start gun went off on time today, with yet again another fantastic course and start line. Hats off to the RO and team, they have put on a stellar show for us, first class professionalism all around. Mark Kristic and James Lanati on Too Late to Stop Now just beat BD and Footy to the first rounding; however, the Del Boca Vista boys put the gybe-set in first and got the lead almost straight away. Once they had a sniff, they jumped on it like a fatty on a cake and took it all the way to the line!!!
Yet again the rest of us were left to fight it out, with positions from second all the way back constantly changing. Lindsay Irwin and Cam McDonald on Ronstan/Irwin Sails left their run relatively late but managed to find their groove and work their way through the pack to secure second. Roger Blasse and Andrew Gilligan on Do You Get it Yet worked like Trojans today and certainly deserved their third place.
Tomorrow’s forecast is for 16 knots from the South West… Lovely! It’s going to be a nail-biter.



Heat 5 - 04/01/2017


Every regatta has to have its light wind day, today was it!


We were hoping for 15 knots, but we had to settle for about 10 and swinging heavily from the West.

The RO once again held up the start under the AP and we were off 20 minutes behind schedule. The team did a fantastic job to set a fair course and a relatively neutral start line considering how difficult this would have been with the fluctuating conditions.


To do well today you either had to have a crystal ball, or a lucky horseshoe shoved deep up your wetsuit… Does anyone else find it suspicious how the guys at the very front of the fleet seem to constantly have both!? Mark Kristic and James Lanati on Too Late to Stop Now took command of the race at the first mark, with Dave Hayter and Tom de la Perrelle (best surname ever!) on El Diablo not far behind. The several boats behind these guys made it impossible to cover off in this write-up, as they swapped positions at EVERY opportunity.


If we fast forward to the last work to the finish, there were four boats that could have taken the bullet. Mark and James were first around the bottom, with Dave and Tom hot on their heels and then Roger Blasse and Andrew Gilligan (second best surname – for a sailor!) on Do You Get it Yet and BD and Footy on Del Boca Vista just after them.


This would have been a fantastic “balls hanging out” dual to the finish between this bunch had the breeze kicked in, but the wind was lightening off and shifting severely. As the group crept closer to the line, it was Dave and Tom on El Diablo that snuck it past within sneezing distance to secure the win from Mark and James on Too Late to Stop Now. Then BD and Footy decided it was their turn on Del Boca Vista to pull a rabbit out of their hat and edge just ahead for third from Roger and Gilligan.


With the forecast showing the breeze is going to consistently build late tomorrow afternoon, the RO has decided to bring the start forward to 12:00 pm to aim to get the race in the perfect 15-18 knot window.

Stay tuned, the pics tomorrow are likely to be awesome, unlike the boring “one-wire” crap that would have been captured today!!!



Boat NoBoat NameSkipperH'capElapsed TimeCorrected TimeOver LineOn H'capFinish CodeMinutes Off
AUS 666El DiabloD.Hayter-T.de la Perrelle.95001:30:121:25:4111FIN0:00
AUS 656Too Late To Stop NowM.Kristic-J.Lanati1.00001:30:421:30:4226FIN5:01
AUS 661Del Boca VistaB.Devine-I.Furlong1.00001:31:581:31:5838FIN6:17
AUS 657Do You Get It YetR.Blasse-A.Gilligan.97001:32:131:29:2742FIN3:46
AUS 663Ronstan/Irwin SailsL.Irwin-C.McDonald.98301:35:541:34:16514FIN8:35
AUS 645The Jolly CodgerD.Bramley-S.Walters.94691:39:061:33:50612FIN8:09
AUS 659Wembley PlumbingS.Sloss-E.Ehrig.99361:39:451:39:07722FIN13:26
AUS 649Givin It Some GruntG.Coutts-B.Coutts.95001:40:361:35:34817FIN9:53
AUS 647QuickshiftC.Elliot-S.Batt.93001:40:461:33:43911FIN8:02
AUS 676The JokerA.Anderson-J.Holmes.94001:41:231:35:181016FIN9:37
AUS 639ReactorI.Arber-D.Farrar.92001:43:091:34:541115FIN9:13
AUS 644Ron JeremyC. Vaughan-M.Balmer.95001:43:181:38:081221FIN12:27
AUS 673ZeroS.Carr-S.Cole.90001:43:441:33:221310FIN7:41
AUS 662Carbon Comet IIL.Devine-B.Powell.96891:44:041:40:501424FIN15:09
AUS 655Lupulin ShiftD.Stead-S.Johnson.87001:44:121:30:39154FIN4:58
AUS 6383 SheetsB.Strong-D.Moore.90001:44:241:33:581613FIN8:17
AUS 637Devine InterventionG.Everett-A.Wilson.98511:44:361:43:021725FIN17:21
AUS 608Low ProfileJ.Walford-J.Dvorak.85551:44:441:29:36183FIN3:55
AUS 626SnatchC.Mahar-E.Mahar.85551:45:591:30:40195FIN4:59
AUS 670StealthD.Lugg-P.Vance.90001:46:241:35:462018FIN10:05
AUS 631VenturaS.Vance-B.Vance.91001:46:281:36:532119FIN11:12
AUS 654Shark BaitT.Vance-G.Vance.85501:48:311:32:47229FIN7:06
AUS 609Death WishM.Bucek-S.Curtis.83001:50:381:31:50237FIN6:09
AUS 675Black BettyD.McGeoch-B.McGeoch.83001:57:221:37:252420FIN11:44
AUS 667PTGP.Tomamichel-G.Tomamichel.83001:59:301:39:112523FIN13:30
AUS 642Between The LinesE.Cox-G.Dixon.85550:00:000:00:002626DNC0:00


Heat 4 - 03/01/2017


What a day! To be honest, this one was a bit of a surprise to some of us... The forecast was always showing a sea breeze, however with the mercury in the high 30s (Celsius) and the late expected onshore shift, it was looking ominous. Alas, the “Freo-doctor” didn’t let us down and after a short while under the AP flag, the race was started in a consistent 13+ knot sea breeze, with uninterrupted flat water.


If we thought Heat 3 was tactical, today’s racing was a spectacle! Several boats decided to peel off early at the start and divided the fleet. Those that banged the left-side, won the first leg! From memory, it was a coin toss between Chris Vaughan and Matt Balmer on Ron Jeremy and Lindsay Irwin and Cam McDonald on Ronstan-Irwin Sails that were the first to round and set the kite.


Second work up decided to show the right-side some love… This mixed things up a bit as the fleet was well and truly split over both sides. Stu Sloss and Eike Ehrig on Wembley Plumbing picked it like a dirty nose and came through the fleet with a comfortable lead at the top. Once they got there, they put the foot down and won convincingly.


The rest of the fleet continued to battle it out, with both sides of the course showing promise at times. Brad Devine and Ian “Footy” Furlong were in the home stretch to the finish in second; however, Greg and Brodie Coutts on Giving It Some Grunt were clearly inspired by David Warner’s history making first-session ton this morning, that they dug deep and managed to pip the local legends on the line. BD and Footy did secure third and are currently leading the championship after 4 heats.


Today was a special one. You could have thrown a blanket over the front 15 or so boats at the finish line, which demonstrates how close the racing is shaping up.


Another 12-15 knot sea breeze forecast for tomorrow, just beautiful!



Boat NoBoat NameSkipperH'capElapsed TimeCorrected TimeOver LineOn H'capFinish CodeMinutes Off
AUS 659Wembley PlumbingS.Sloss-E.Ehrig.99361:19:531:19:22112FIN4:53
AUS 649Givin It Some GruntG.Coutts-B.Coutts.95001:20:251:16:2423FIN1:55
AUS 661Del Boca VistaB.Devine-I.Furlong1.00001:20:571:20:57317FIN6:28
AUS 656Too Late To Stop NowM.Kristic-J.Lanati1.00001:21:041:21:04418FIN6:35
AUS 663Ronstan/Irwin SailsL.Irwin-C.McDonald.98301:21:411:20:18515FIN5:49
AUS 657Do You Get It YetR.Blasse-A.Gilligan.97001:21:511:19:24613FIN4:55
AUS 666El DiabloD.Hayter-T.de la Perrelle.95001:22:391:18:31710FIN4:02
AUS 644Ron JeremyC. Vaughan-M.Balmer.90001:22:461:14:2981FIN0:00
AUS 637Devine InterventionG.Everett-A.Wilson.98511:23:211:22:06919FIN7:37
AUS 673ZeroS.Carr-S.Cole.90001:23:411:15:19102FIN0:50
AUS 676The JokerA.Anderson-J.Holmes.94001:24:061:19:031111FIN4:34
AUS 639ReactorI.Arber-D.Farrar.92001:24:201:17:35126FIN3:06
AUS 631VenturaS.Vance-B.Vance.91001:26:141:18:28138=FIN3:59
AUS 670StealthD.Lugg-P.Vance.90001:27:111:18:28148=FIN3:59
AUS 645The Jolly CodgerD.Bramley-S.Walters.94691:27:221:22:441520FIN8:15
AUS 662Carbon Comet IIL.Devine-B.Powell.96891:28:041:25:201622FIN10:51
AUS 6383 SheetsB.Strong-D.Moore.90001:28:231:19:331714FIN5:04
AUS 655Lupulin ShiftD.Stead-S.Johnson.87001:28:501:17:17185FIN2:48
AUS 647QuickshiftC.Elliot-S.Batt.93001:29:011:22:471921FIN8:18
AUS 626SnatchC.Mahar-E.Mahar.85551:30:051:17:04204FIN2:35
AUS 654Shark BaitT.Vance-G.Vance.85501:31:071:17:54217FIN3:25
AUS 667PTGP.Tomamichel-G.Tomamichel.83001:37:161:20:442216FIN6:15
AUS 675Black BettyD.McGeoch-B.McGeoch.83001:47:081:28:552323FIN14:26
AUS 608Low ProfileJ.Walford-J.Dvorak.85550:00:000:00:0024=24=DNC0:00
AUS 609Death WishM.Bucek-S.Curtis.83000:00:000:00:0024=24=DNF0:00
AUS 642Between The LinesE.Cox-G.Dixon.85550:00:000:00:0024=24=DNC0:00


Heat 3 - 02/01/2017


Photos with thanks to Haydn Mahar Photography and Design.



Perth rolled out perfect sailing conditions for Heat 3, which was sailed in 12 to 16 knots and a balmy 34 degrees. A clear start once again with the fleet splitting very early. Those that went to the right got an early advantage with Brad Devine and Ian 'Footy' Furlong and Roger Blasse and Andrew Gilligan getting the best of it. The shifts were big enough to make good gains and bad losses. Brad Devine and Ian 'Footy' Furlong lead around the top mark and were never headed. The next 6-7 boats were having an intense battle for the whole day with positions changing with each tack and gybe. The racing was close and intense. Mark 'Meaty' Krystic had gear failure and had to retire. At the finish, it was Brad Devine and Ian 'Footy' Furlong taking out their second win of the series with Roger Blasse and Andrew Gilligan in 2nd and Stuey Sloss and Eike Ehrig crawling into 3rd.

Tomorrow looks lighter with another hot day with blue skies and flat water. What more could you ask for?


Boat NoBoat NameSkipperH'capElapsed TimeCorrected TimeOver LineOn H'capFinish CodeMinutes Off
AUS 661Del Boca VistaB.Devine-I.Furlong1.00001:19:021:19:0218FIN2:42
AUS 657Do You Get It YetR.Blasse-A.Gilligan.98301:20:301:19:0829FIN2:48
AUS 659Wembley PlumbingS.Sloss-E.Ehrig.94361:20:541:16:2031FIN0:00
AUS 645The Jolly CodgerD.Bramley-S.Walters.94691:21:191:17:0042FIN0:40
AUS 666El DiabloD.Hayter-T.de la Perrelle1.00001:21:201:21:20517FIN5:00
AUS 637Devine InterventionG.Everett-A.Wilson.98511:21:321:20:19613FIN3:59
AUS 649Givin It Some GruntG.Coutts-B.Coutts.96001:21:441:18:2875FIN2:08
AUS 663Ronstan/Irwin SailsL.Irwin-C.McDonald.98301:21:541:20:30815FIN4:10
AUS 662Carbon Comet IIL.Devine-B.Powell.96891:22:041:19:31911FIN3:11
AUS 647QuickshiftC.Elliot-S.Batt.94691:22:511:18:27104FIN2:07
AUS 644Ron JeremyC. Vaughan-M.Balmer.96001:23:411:20:201114FIN4:00
AUS 631VenturaS.Vance-B.Vance.93711:23:511:18:35126FIN2:15
AUS 673ZeroS.Carr-S.Cole.94391:24:141:19:301310FIN3:10
AUS 6383 SheetsB.Strong-D.Moore.94301:26:241:21:291418FIN5:09
AUS 670StealthD.Lugg-P.Vance.91321:27:121:19:381512FIN3:18
AUS 655Lupulin ShiftD.Stead-S.Johnson.90001:27:251:18:40167FIN2:20
AUS 639ReactorI.Arber-D.Farrar.96811:27:501:25:021721FIN8:42
AUS 654Shark BaitT.Vance-G.Vance.85501:30:251:17:18183FIN0:58
AUS 626SnatchC.Mahar-E.Mahar.88001:33:031:21:531919FIN5:33
AUS 608Low ProfileJ.Walford-J.Dvorak.85551:34:291:20:502016FIN4:30
AUS 609Death WishM.Bucek-S.Curtis.85551:36:151:22:212120FIN6:01
AUS 667PTGP.Tomamichel-G.Tomamichel.85551:52:141:36:012222FIN19:41
AUS 642Between The LinesE.Cox-G.Dixon.85550:00:000:00:0023=23=DNC0:00
AUS 675Black BettyD.McGeoch-B.McGeoch.85550:00:000:00:0023=23=DNF0:00
AUS 656Too Late To Stop NowM.Kristic-J.Lanati1.00000:00:000:00:0023=23=DNF0:00
AUS 676The JokerA.Anderson-J.Holmes.96000:00:000:00:0023=23=DNF0:00



Heat 2 - 31/12/2016



With strong winds still lurking following the previous day, it was decided to bring racing forward to 12:00 pm. All boats were back on the water, but this time it was a very slow drift out to the race area. Following postponement for an hour, the race was started when the sea-breeze came in at a consistent 15 knots. Mark Kristic and James Lenati led around the first mark and that was the last anyone saw of them... They were lightning fast and secured their second win for the series (invitation race included).

The rest of us managed to stay close together, which made for some great tactical racing. There were some fantastic rides experienced by all as the wind increased; however, the outgoing tide caused the usually flat water to throw up a few speed bumps on the last downwind which was fun!

Brad Devine and Ian "Footy" Furlong secured second position, with Stuart Sloss and Eike Ehrig on Wembley Plumbing getting third.

Lay-day today with everyone resting up and basking in the sensational 30 degree heat... Beautiful conditions forecast for the next 3 days of sailing. Stay tuned for what is shaping up to be an exciting series!


Boat NoBoat NameSkipperH'capElapsed TimeCorrected TimeOver LineOn H'capFinish CodeMinutes Off
AUS 656Too Late To Stop NowM.Kristic-J.Lanati1.00001:13:441:13:4413FIN1:33
AUS 661Del Boca VistaB.Devine-I.Furlong1.00001:17:101:17:1025FIN4:59
AUS 659Wembley PlumbingS.Sloss-E.Ehrig.94361:18:021:13:3832FIN1:27
AUS 637Devine InterventionG.Everett-A.Wilson.98511:18:241:17:1447FIN5:03
AUS 662Carbon Comet IIL.Devine-B.Powell.91891:18:331:12:1151FIN0:00
AUS 649Givin It Some GruntG.Coutts-B.Coutts.96001:19:021:15:5264FIN3:41
AUS 645The Jolly CodgerD.Bramley-S.Walters.94691:21:331:17:1376FIN5:02
AUS 644Ron JeremyC. Vaughan-M.Balmer.96001:21:581:18:4189FIN6:30
AUS 657Do You Get It YetR.Blasse-A.Gilligan.98301:22:221:20:58916FIN8:47
AUS 676The JokerA.Anderson-J.Holmes.96001:22:401:19:221013FIN7:11
AUS 639ReactorI.Arber-D.Farrar.96811:22:591:20:201115FIN8:09
AUS 666El DiabloD.Hayter-T.de la Perrelle1.00001:23:111:23:111218FIN11:00
AUS 673ZeroS.Carr-S.Cole.94391:23:391:18:571311=FIN6:46
AUS 6383 SheetsB.Strong-D.Moore.94301:24:571:20:061414FIN7:55
AUS 670StealthD.Lugg-P.Vance.91321:26:271:18:571511=FIN6:46
AUS 631VenturaS.Vance-B.Vance.93711:26:521:21:241617FIN9:13
AUS 626SnatchC.Mahar-E.Mahar.88001:29:311:18:461710FIN6:35
AUS 654Shark BaitT.Vance-G.Vance.85501:31:021:17:50188FIN5:39
AUS 655Lupulin ShiftD.Stead-S.Johnson.90001:37:391:27:531919FIN15:42
AUS 647QuickshiftC.Elliot-S.Batt.94690:00:000:00:0020=20=DNF0:00
AUS 675Black BettyD.McGeoch-B.McGeoch.85550:00:000:00:0020=20=DNF0:00
AUS 663Ronstan/Irwin SailsL.Irwin-C.McDonald.98300:00:000:00:0020=20=DNF0:00
AUS 642Between The LinesE.Cox-G.Dixon.85550:00:000:00:0020=20=DNC0:00
AUS 608Low ProfileJ.Walford-J.Dvorak.85550:00:000:00:0020=20=DNF0:00
AUS 667PTGP.Tomamichel-G.Tomamichel.85550:00:000:00:0020=20=DNF0:00
AUS 609Death WishM.Bucek-S.Curtis.85550:00:000:00:0020=20=DNF0:00




Heat 1 - 30/12/2016


Photos with thanks to Haydn Mahar Photography and Design.


What a start to the National Championships! The below pic sums up the current extreme weather conditions across Australia following a once-in-50-year storm that blew through the normally barren Western Desert at Uluru (formerly Ayers Rock). The i14 contingent certainly experienced this on the water for our first race of the series last Friday. Of the 26 boats that started, only 8 finished.

After hitting the water in near perfect sunny, sea-breeze conditions of 15-18 knots, the race committee got us off the start bang on 2pm. After completing the first windward/return, HUEY decided to make things interesting... Fair to say, none of us has experienced conditions like that on the Swan River before. An unprecedented strong front came through out of nowhere and saw winds gusting over 30 knots - the photographer from the day is currently being tracked down and will post pics of some of the wild rides in due course.

Mark Kristic and James Lanati on Too Late to Stop Now controlled the race until the very last downwind, where they proved they are also mortal and put the boat in the drink... Brad Devine and Ian Footy Furlong on Del Boca Vista snuck through to take the win, with Lindsay Irwin and Cam McDonald on Ronstan-Irwin Sails taking second place. Mark Kristic and James Lanati got the boat up in time to seal the final podium spot.

A special meeting was held the next day to discuss reviewing the protocols to assist the race committee in the future when extreme weather conditions are experienced. It was agreed a steering committee will be implemented to review the potentially antiquated guidelines surrounding the appropriate wind ranges and course lengths. These discussions will be shared with all sailors in due course.

The first pic. is normal Uluru and the second shows waterfalls following the recent freaky storm!




Boat NoBoat NameSkipperH'capElapsed TimeCorrected TimeOver LineOn H'capFinish CodeMinutes Off
AUS 661Del Boca VistaB.Devine-I.Furlong1.00001:02:591:02:5913FIN0:40
AUS 663Ronstan/Irwin SailsL.Irwin-C.McDonald.98301:05:381:04:3124FIN2:12
AUS 656Too Late To Stop NowM.Kristic-J.Lanati1.00001:13:431:13:4336FIN11:24
AUS 639ReactorI.Arber-D.Farrar.84501:13:451:02:1941FIN0:00
AUS 670StealthD.Lugg-P.Vance.84061:14:151:02:2552FIN0:06
AUS 649Givin It Some GruntG.Coutts-B.Coutts.96001:14:291:11:3065FIN9:11
AUS 657Do You Get It YetR.Blasse-A.Gilligan.98301:15:291:14:1277FIN11:53
AUS 673ZeroS.Carr-S.Cole.94391:25:351:20:4788FIN18:28
AUS 655Lupulin ShiftD.Stead-S.Johnson.90000:00:000:00:009=9=DNF0:00
AUS 637Devine InterventionG.Everett-A.Wilson.98510:00:000:00:009=9=DNF0:00
AUS 626SnatchC.Mahar-E.Mahar.88000:00:000:00:009=9=DNF0:00
AUS 631VenturaS.Vance-B.Vance.93710:00:000:00:009=9=DNF0:00
AUS 667PTGP.Tomamichel-G.Tomamichel.89300:00:000:00:009=9=DNS0:00
AUS 654Shark BaitT.Vance-G.Vance.85500:00:000:00:009=9=DNF0:00
AUS 647QuickshiftC.Elliot-S.Batt.94690:00:000:00:009=9=DNF0:00
AUS 644Ron JeremyC. Vaughan-M.Balmer.96000:00:000:00:009=9=DNF0:00
AUS 662Carbon Comet IIL.Devine-B.Powell.91890:00:000:00:009=9=DNF0:00
AUS 666El DiabloD.Hayter-T.de la Perrelle1.00000:00:000:00:009=9=DNF0:00
AUS 642Between The LinesE.Cox-G.Dixon.92300:00:000:00:009=9=DNF0:00
AUS 609Death WishM.Bucek-S.Curtis.89300:00:000:00:009=9=DNF0:00
AUS 676The JokerA.Anderson-J.Holmes.96000:00:000:00:009=9=DNF0:00
AUS 659Wembley PlumbingS.Sloss-E.Ehrig.94360:00:000:00:009=9=DNF0:00
AUS 675Black BettyD.McGeoch-B.McGeoch.89300:00:000:00:009=9=DNF0:00
AUS 608Low ProfileJ.Walford-J.Dvorak.85550:00:000:00:009=9=DNS0:00
AUS 6383 SheetsB.Strong-D.Moore.94300:00:000:00:009=9=DNF0:00
AUS 645The Jolly CodgerD.Bramley-S.Walters.94690:00:000:00:009=9=DNF0:00



Invitation Race  - 29/12/2016


Boat NoBoat NameSkipperH'capElapsed TimeCorrected TimeOver LineOn H'capFinish CodeMinutes Off
AUS 637Devine InterventionG.Everett-A.Wilson.93511:15:121:10:1951FIN0:00
AUS 654Shark BaitT.Vance-G.Vance.85501:23:091:11:06172FIN0:47
AUS 656Too Late To Stop NowM.Kristic-J.Lanati1.00001:12:131:12:1313FIN1:54
AUS 608Low ProfileJ.Walford-J.Dvorak.85551:24:441:12:29184FIN2:10
AUS 663Ronstan/Irwin SailsL.Irwin-C.McDonald.98301:14:001:12:4535FIN2:26
AUS 661Del Boca VistaB.Devine-I.Furlong1.00001:13:361:13:3626FIN3:17
AUS 631VenturaS.Vance-B.Vance.93711:18:371:13:4087=FIN3:21
AUS 657Do You Get It YetR.Blasse-A.Gilligan.98301:14:561:13:4047=FIN3:21
AUS 645The Jolly CodgerD.Bramley-S.Walters.94691:18:411:14:3099FIN4:11
AUS 670StealthD.Lugg-P.Vance.91321:21:391:14:341410FIN4:15
AUS 662Carbon Comet IIL.Devine-B.Powell.91891:21:121:14:371311FIN4:18
AUS 649Givin It Some GruntG.Coutts-B.Coutts.96001:17:521:14:45712FIN4:26
AUS 655Lupulin ShiftD.Stead-S.Johnson.90001:23:061:14:471613FIN4:28
AUS 673ZeroS.Carr-S.Cole.94391:20:061:15:361114FIN5:17
AUS 6383 SheetsB.Strong-D.Moore.94301:20:151:15:411215FIN5:22
AUS 666El DiabloD.Hayter-T.de la Perrelle1.00001:16:011:16:01616FIN5:42
AUS 676The JokerA.Anderson-J.Holmes.96001:19:321:16:211017FIN6:02
AUS 647QuickshiftC.Elliot-S.Batt.94691:22:411:18:181518FIN7:59
AUS 609Death WishM.Bucek-S.Curtis.89301:27:581:18:332019FIN8:14
AUS 644Ron JeremyC. Vaughan-M.Balmer.96001:25:291:22:041920FIN11:45
AUS 675Black BettyD.McGeoch-B.McGeoch.89301:43:311:32:262121FIN22:07
AUS 659Wembley PlumbingS.Sloss-E.Ehrig.94360:00:000:00:0022=22=DNF0:00
AUS 642Between The LinesE.Cox-G.Dixon.92300:00:000:00:0022=22=OCS0:00
AUS 639ReactorI.Arber-D.Farrar.91810:00:000:00:0022=22=DNF0:00
AUS 626SnatchC.Mahar-E.Mahar.88000:00:000:00:0022=22=DNF0:00
AUS 667PTGP.Tomamichel-G.Tomamichel.89300:00:000:00:0022=22=DNF0:00


Breaking News


It has been voted that the Perth Dinghy Sailing Club will host the 2020 i14 World Championships on the Swan River, Perth!!! We look forward to putting on an excellent show for competitors and spectators alike!



2016 i14 World Championships - France

Yacht Club de Carnac

21st August - 2nd September


The i14 World Championships, sailed at Yacht Club de Carnac in France, are now all wrapped up! It was a fun filled regatta and the competition was of the highest level. The Brits are still unbeatable! Results below.


The best spot to find photos is on the Yacht Club de Carnac Facebook page under the photos link.


VR Sport TV are covering the event from a video perspective, so their website is best for viewing the most up to date videos.


Overall results

1st - GBR 1553 - Glen Truswell / Sam Pascoe
2nd - GBR 1541 - Roger Gilbert / Ben McGrane
3rd - GBR 1519 - Archie Massey / Harvey Hillary
4th - AUS 656 - Mark Krstic / James Lanati
5th - GBR 1530 - Neale Jones / Ed Fitzgerald
6th - GBR 1557 - Katie Nurton / Nigel Ash
7th - AUS 666 - David Hayter / Trent Neighbour
8th - AUS 661 - Brad Devine / Ian Furlong
9th - GBR 1559 - Andy Partington / Tom Partington
10th - AUS 663 - Lindsay Irwin / Andrew Perry


Full results here




Sailed at KBSC + PDSC

Well done to Brad Devine and Ian (Footy) Furlong on Del Boca Vista for taking out a perfect streak of race wins to take home the trophy.


Place Boat NameSkipper/Crew Sail Np.Heat 1Heat 2Heat 3Heat 4Heat 5Points
1Del Boca VistaB. Devine-I. FurlongAUS661111114
2The Jolly CodgerD. Bramley-S. WaltersAUS6452332510
3Wembley PlumbingS. Sloss-J. WalfordAUS6593244713
4ReactorI. Arber-D. FarrarAUS6396427416
5VenturaS. Vance-B. VanceAUS6315556217
6Devine InterventionG. Everett-A. WilsonAUS6374783620
7Carbon Comet 2L. Devine-B. PowellAUS6629675826
8StealthD. Lugg-T. BurtenshawAUS670899DNF329
9Lupulin ShiftD. Stead-S. JohnsonAUS6557868DNS29


Results include 1 drop.



Woollahra Sailing Club

Congratulations to all who raced and in particular our podium finisehers El Diablo, Del Boco Vista and Ron Jeremy.


Boat Name
(Boat Type)
Skipper/CrewFromRace 1
Race 2
Race 3
Race 4
Race 5
Race 6
Race 7
1666El DiabloDavid Hayter
Trent Neighbour
2661Del Boca VistaBrad Devine
Ian Furlong
3644Ron JeremyChris Vaughn
Matt Balmer
4672Alexander SailsDavid Alexander
Daniel Wilsdon
5663Ronstan/IrwinLindsay Irwin
Andrew Perry
Black Rock SC
6657Do You Get It Yet?Roger Blasse
Andrew Gilligan
Black Rock YC
7645The Jolly CodgerDavid Bramley
Steven Walters
8662Carbon CometLuke Devine
Ben Powell
966The JokerAnthony Anderson
John Warren
McCrae YC
10638PHRBen Strong
Denis Vaughan
11652Flaunt ItRon Scherwinski
James Lanati
12674Argo 17Stewart Vickery
Freya Vickery
Black Rock YC
13651CST CompositesGreg Paterson
Greg Dixon
14642TBAEdward Cox
Cameron McDonald
15667PTGPhillip Tomamichel
Geoffery Tomamichel
Black Rock YC
16633WindsandseaNeil Patchett
H. Robinson